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Crohns disease arthritis link

Crohns disease link, New research published in has revealed a bacterial link between and arthritis. Crohn’s is a form of , or IBD, that causes and diarrhea, and patients have also reported experiencing joint pain.

The immune system of patients with Crohn’s attacks the bowels and , but it can also target the and cause spondyloarthritis, resulting in spine and joint pain. This new research has found a link between the two conditions that may help explain why the immune system can turn its sights on the .

Crohns disease arthritis link, Researchers gathered from patients with IBD and found that those with IBD and spondyloarthritis had a significant presence of in their samples. These samples, as well as mouse models, were used by the team to conclude that the was connected to the cells that help regulate inflammation in individuals with . Patients who had both Crohn’s disease and spondyloarthritis were found to have higher levels of these inflammation regulating cells, which are triggered by a protein known as IL-23.

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