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NGKG fundraising update

NGKG fundraising update, The , which we call “” grew from Rob’s love of sport, adventure and the outdoors. By taking it to the extreme, and on a global basis, Rob hopes to show people everywhere that having these diseases or having an ostomy, like Rob does, shouldn’t stop you from leading a full life. You may not be able to climb mountains, but there are so many other things you can do.

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  1. Jeidixitaa Reply

    This is really inenrestitg. I was always underweight (especially being nearly 6 ft tall) until I had my one and only (so far) surgery in 2008 now I can’t keep the weight off! It’s annoying in the opposite way! haha. I am always hungry too. I exercise but don’t always have the energy to do high impact stuff. I went from being 135 lbs to 170 in a the few years since the surgery, which is actually just a wee bit overweight for my height. I never would have thought it.

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