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Rob Hill on Ostomy Camp

on Ostomy Camp

Provides an opportunity for young people aged 9-18 with consideration to and maturity, who have ostomies or other special related needs (; urinary or ; internal pouch; Crohn’s disease, Cecostomy Tube or ), to attend camp and participate in camp activities under professional supervision
Provide formal/informal education on:
anatomy and physiology
self esteem and coping
Encourage independence and self confidence with personal care and camp activities
Provide individual ET and UOAC counselling on physical and psychosocial needs

REad More At: Ostomy Camp


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  1. Brindha Reply

    Looking forward to the crieoatn and possibility of this for us with this condition. Please add my email to the list for when this comes available have had Ulcerative Colitis for over 10yrs. Thanks!Tyler

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