Lewiston mom helps write book to aid IBS sufferers, Kathleen Bradley has been on the go for most of the last two decades, first working in the promotion and marketing end at Conde Nast and other health- and food-related magazines while she lived downstate, and for the last decade as a consultant and mother living in Lewiston.

A health scare in 2011 included the heavy use of antibiotics and damaged her intestinal tract, and she’s spent the last three years rebuilding her health in the wake of a diagnosis with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

“I wasn’t given a lot of resources. There haven’t been many,” said Bradley, featured today in WNY Refresh.

“I think I have good doctors, I just don’t think there’s been an easy protocol to deal with IBS,” Bradley said. “Try to lower your stress. Get into yoga, meditation, deep breathing. I do that.

“As a woman, you also have advanced IBS symptoms through your cycle, so I had to watch my schedule around those days because they tended to be worse.”

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